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Samurai Swords

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The Samurai sword is more than just a weapon, it captured the soul and imagination of an entire nation. In Japan, Samurai swords are considered "the soul of the Samurai". Each sword was forged not only in the fires of a forge, but contained the spiritual essence of the Samurai class. The samurai sword was first developed around the eighth century, in the Nara period. Prior to this, swords were imported from China. The swordsmith Amakuni and his son, according to legend, forged the first recognizably high-quality Japanese blades after the army returned from a battle with their swords broken or irreparably damaged. The next time war occurred, the samurai returned with Amakuni's swords in perfect condition. Here at Swords and Weapons.net, we bring to you the best Samurai swords from around the world to add to your collection or use with pride in the dojo. Included in this section is the Katana, Wakizashi and tanto.



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