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Ninja Weapons and Equipment

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The Ninja had many tools, weapons and equipment at their disposal. We will go over just a few of the many lethal items a Ninja used to "Get the job done". See all of our Ninja Weapons Here: Ninja Weapons

Shuriken and Kunai

Ninja shuriken or shaken were hand released blades thrown at the enemy for distraction purposes. Sometimes the blades were poisoned to cause death. The shuriken was used to hit the enemy then bounce away unseen. This gave an almost magical effect for the ninja. The ninja shuriken was among the favourite tools of the ninja. Though mostly thrown the shuriken could be used as a hand weapon for in close combat. The shuriken would penetrate skin up to one half inch. This behind the hand knife could easily be concealed about the person or environment. The shuriken were carried in a variety of ways all utilizing concealment and surprise. There are a number of different types of shuriken, including bo shuriken and the more famous star shuriken.

Tunai served several purposes, primarily as a utility knife. The kunai tip was sharp with very dull edges. It measured from seven to sixteen inches in length. The kunai originated during the Tensho Era (1573-1591). The kunai was often tied to the end of a rope fo further its uses The kunai was used to help climb trees and walls, and throw while tied to a small cord or knot. The kunaiĀ“s main purpose was for probing, digging, and chiseling.


The ninja at times also carried a long piece of chain usually two to three feet in length, with two weights at each end. It was concealed from sight for the first strike, it could be swung or thrown to entangle.


Essentially the same as the manrikigusari, the kusari-fundo had handle like grips at the ends of the chain.

Ninja Hand Claws (also known as Shuko and Tekagi)

This Ninja equipment was worn on the hands, was made of metal and tightened at the wrist. One kind was worn on the palm of the hand and one on the back of the hand, four sharp spikes protruded from this metal band. The claws could be used in close quarter combat to tear like that of a ferocious tiger or bear. The tekagi could also be used to aid in climbing walls and trees.

Ninja Grappling Hook

The grappling hook was widely employed as a Ninja escape tool but was also used as a weapon when the need arose. The grappling hook was usually made of steel with 4 points or more and used a thin but strong rope just long enough to carry out the climbing at hand, but short enough to be concealed.



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