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High End Swords VS Cheap Swords

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The main differences between swords manufactured today are price and functionality. Each manufacturer has its own thoughts on why they sell swords. Some just want to make nice looking swords that look great on the wall, but have no functionality, while others make swords for martial applications and are very close to swords made from their specific time period. Below are the main differences between cheap swords and their more high end counterparts.

Cheap Swords (SLO's / Wallhangers)

Cheap Sword

A cheap sword is typically manufactured with one thing in mind. Make it as inexpensive as possible whil still making it look good. This does not mean the sword is not made out of steel, or is still not dangerous. It means the manufacturer will "skimp" o

A cheap sword will typically have a stainless steel blade (sharpened or unsharpened) and can have intricate handles cast out of steel or the tradtitional wood handle. The thing that makes these swords good for collectors (besides the price) is they usually look very cool. These can range from fantasy swords with outrageous designs to Samurai swords with every color of the rainbow. These swords however are not made to be swung or otherwise used in any fashion. The reason being they are not constructed in a way that makes them safe for use.n the steel used as well as the design process to make the sword functional.

The sword community as a whole scoffs at these cheap swords, often calling them "wall hangers" or SLO's. (Sword Like Objects) I grew up with collecting these kinds of swords, only back then they cost as much as some functional swords today.

Functional Swords (Battle Ready Swords)

Battle ready sword

A functional, or Battle Ready Sword is a sword that meets all of the requirements of a sword that can be used. The typical criteria is as follows:

1. A carbon steel blade (Sharpened or unsharpened)

2. A traditional handle construction (Pegs to hold the handle or peened pommel)

Not all functional swords are expensive or considered high end. Some functional katanas go for only 50 dollars! So what is the difference between a high end sword and a functional sword? Lets see....

High End Swords

High end sword

A high end sword will feature extra attention to detail whether it be historical such as blade shape and geometry or fine polishing of the blade. A high end sword will always use the highest grade materials in its construction and be fully functional. Most high end swords such as katanas and medieval swords will be functional as well as decorative. These swords are meant to be a family heirloom and may even appreciate in value down the road. Swords in this class have carbon steel blades (some are folded steel with a fine polish) and have handles that are made of the highest grade and most authentic materials. High end swords are constructed from artisans with many years experience and are mostly made and assembled by hand.

I hope this has been helpful and any comments would be appreciated!



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